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It is not the world that is mysterious. Rather the way we view it makes it mysterious.

In these last few months humans across world over have been facing death by a family of viruses which is eluding a cure, mocking all the science that we have discovered over generations. The mayhem that this entire pandemic has brought upon nations and economies makes one think of the fragility of our world and thus, mocking at our constant effort to regulate chaos.

Nichloas Nissim Taleb in his ‘Black swan’ talks about unplanned events that make our lives, overturning most of our consuming plans. These ‘black swans’ or unplanned events in our lives shape us but we hardly seem to take notice. We spend copious amounts of our time in life in planning our future whilst having no control over the next moment. Planning gives us a sense of control which in turn gives us a (falsified) sense of purpose. Chaos eats our purpose for breakfast – leaving one to scramble towards the safety of introspection and humility, and in case of some fragile egos, towards breakage and ruin.

Creativity comes from chaos. Depravity breeds imagination .

Today’s civil life has become about enjoying control. This control spans across our relationship with everything – self, non-self and nature, alike. It has turned us into centres of fear and anxiety while living a life derived from transaction of control. We keep engaging in exchange of control until we are met with another uber superior who refuses to transact. More often nature displays this superiority that is borne, not in her need for control but from our abject inability to surrender.

In these days of seclusion and social distancing, we are getting sufficient time to notice the peace that has otherwise prevailed outside the news of illness, deaths, heroism and hope. This peace and quiet is seldom sought and sparsely enjoyed. This calmness that has been gifted due to the chaos, is precious and rare. It is a clarion call for us to stay grounded and to rebalance.

Ecologically, chaos has been recognised as an influence that leads to an unscientific, equation-free prediction methodology. Such chaos make up milestone events in our lives and yet we interact with chaos with our game-face on and zero surrender! We approach chaos with the intent to control, never realising that with it, chaos brings the gift of creativity. In this creativity lies the key to flow with the chaos, evolving into an ‘anti-fragile’ entity – one that gains from chaos and disruption. One who does this is a true superhuman – mind, body and soul.

Therefore, while we maintain our social distancing, this is a time to connect with self and to rebalance and replenish it with the right method to live.

Stay alive. Stay grounded. Rebalance

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