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How to be an Adult? – Introduction

Adulting is hard AF!

Adulting is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, and in that it is different from ageing. An adult is usually identified as someone of a certain age, and with age arrive definite sociocultural, legal, occupational, emotional, financial etc, etc(n) expectations – uncaring of the internal obstacles that may not have been addressed in the course of one’s development.

A high-performing adult has meaningful ‘marriages‘ with self, work and others, has purpose and identity, enjoys a remarkable signature presence that ignites independent thinking in self and in others, has learnt to navigate his/her way through internal voices of judgement and fear – and finally – knows well how to communicate effectively. While some of these are tangible, mostly these are elements that are intangible and complex. It is these ‘inside workings’ that need the hard work because they are rooted in experiential learning on our way to adulthood.

In this multi-part series, we will go on a journey where I will share with you the essentials of becoming a high-performing, successful adult. These elements of adulting are based upon researches of renowned developmental psychologists and anthropologists. You will come across concepts that are applicable and lessons that make you reflect. This journey will truly be TRANSFORMATIONAL! The work will definitely be hard and may bring upon questions that you are not prepared to answer but believe me, it will all be worth it!

In Part 1, we will talk about PRESENCE.

If your presence didn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference

Most of our lives are organised in a ‘before and after’ format. We are forever coming from somewhere, and going somewhere else. The seeds of the future that we are constantly dreaming of are being sowed in the present through our efforts towards personal well-being, relationships building and communication. The completeness of these elements bring about a remarkable signature presence that makes an impact, wherever you go!

Follow this space to unlock the high-performing Adult in you!

7 thoughts on “How to be an Adult? – Introduction”

  1. I feel you sister! Adulting is hard! I’m grateful to have friends like you who support me with your generosity in sharing your wisdom and insights on how to hack this adulting S***.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everything is so much easier when we figure it out together. More power to us and to the love we share! XOXO


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