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Hey! You got a monkey on your back

A lot is happening and a lot is passing too. Life seems to have gone from a (barely) manageable 3D version to a brutal 4D with a space-time continuum, making the mind toggle between past and future. While the creative tension between what-has-been and what-can-be is the source of all learning and development, in these… Continue reading Hey! You got a monkey on your back

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Turn off the cameras

Be so good that they cannot ignore you Steve Martin, the famous hollywood comedian, said these words about ambition in performing arts. Performing arts is a heavily performance-driven occupation that thrives on reinvention, quick transitions, low recovery time and consistent development - much like sports. These occupations are often met with highs and lows, where… Continue reading Turn off the cameras

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Back to Simplicity

Dieter Rams is a famous industrial designer who is revered world over as someone with unparalleled astuteness in design and an equally relevant wisdom to go with it. The computer and the phone that we use look the way they do because of Dieter Rams. Therefore, surprising as it sounds, he is vehemently against consumerism… Continue reading Back to Simplicity

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Repair Vs Change

People respond differently to crisis, especially if it affects what they believe in or hold dear. These beliefs and 'realities' are at times seen as life-constant which when challenged may lead people to respond with extreme emotion. While the crisis may be episodic, deeply felt emotions register strongly and enhance the experience recursively. Human emotions… Continue reading Repair Vs Change

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Rebalance It is not the world that is mysterious. Rather the way we view it makes it mysterious. In these last few months humans across world over have been facing death by a family of viruses which is eluding a cure, mocking all the science that we have discovered over generations. The mayhem that this… Continue reading Rebalance

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Transition Vs Transformation

Zebras are one of the most beautiful animals - elegant and mysterious. Their unassuming grounded gait complements their sensible wildness of encouraging human interest by the way of neither aggression nor affection. Safe to say that I have observed zebras attentively for both, their stand-out attractiveness and their intriguing aloofness. Zebras standout for their stripes,… Continue reading Transition Vs Transformation

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The Performance Binary

The desire to win does not necessarily make one narcissistic but it is the abject, stomach-churning fear of losing. The gap between the two traditional poles of performance sees a longstanding judgement towards the journey of action. A tug of war is a play of pure strength where you are physically pitted against the other… Continue reading The Performance Binary

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Extraordinary in Ordinary

Manny Pacquiao beats Thurman to become the oldest welterweight world champion - at 40. I woke up to seeing this in the BBC news feed, and loved it! I have (at one time) followed Manny religiously and have been blown away by his sheer simplicity and competitiveness - a relatively uncommon combination but definitely a… Continue reading Extraordinary in Ordinary