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Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

Life is impossible without emotions. We make decisions based on whether we are happy, sad, angry, anxious, or frustrated. We choose activities based on the emotions that they incite. Therefore, understanding emotions is one of the most essential elements of a high-performing adult. What are Emotions? Emotion is one type of effect. It can be… Continue reading Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

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How to be an Adult? – Introduction

Adulting is hard AF! Adulting is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, and in that it is different from ageing. An adult is usually identified as someone of a certain age, and with age arrive definite sociocultural, legal, occupational, emotional, financial etc, etc(n) expectations - uncaring of the internal obstacles that may not have been addressed… Continue reading How to be an Adult? – Introduction