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Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

Life is impossible without emotions. We make decisions based on whether we are happy, sad, angry, anxious, or frustrated. We choose activities based on the emotions that they incite. Therefore, understanding emotions is one of the most essential elements of a high-performing adult. What are Emotions? Emotion is one type of effect. It can be… Continue reading Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

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Turn off the cameras

Be so good that they cannot ignore you Steve Martin, the famous hollywood comedian, said these words about ambition in performing arts. Performing arts is a heavily performance-driven occupation that thrives on reinvention, quick transitions, low recovery time and consistent development - much like sports. These occupations are often met with highs and lows, where… Continue reading Turn off the cameras

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Repair Vs Change

People respond differently to crisis, especially if it affects what they believe in or hold dear. These beliefs and 'realities' are at times seen as life-constant which when challenged may lead people to respond with extreme emotion. While the crisis may be episodic, deeply felt emotions register strongly and enhance the experience recursively. Human emotions… Continue reading Repair Vs Change