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How to be an Adult? – Introduction

Adulting is hard AF! Adulting is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, and in that it is different from ageing. An adult is usually identified as someone of a certain age, and with age arrive definite sociocultural, legal, occupational, emotional, financial etc, etc(n) expectations - uncaring of the internal obstacles that may not have been addressed… Continue reading How to be an Adult? – Introduction

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Hey! You got a monkey on your back

A lot is happening and a lot is passing too. Life seems to have gone from a (barely) manageable 3D version to a brutal 4D with a space-time continuum, making the mind toggle between past and future. While the creative tension between what-has-been and what-can-be is the source of all learning and development, in these… Continue reading Hey! You got a monkey on your back

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Repair Vs Change

People respond differently to crisis, especially if it affects what they believe in or hold dear. These beliefs and 'realities' are at times seen as life-constant which when challenged may lead people to respond with extreme emotion. While the crisis may be episodic, deeply felt emotions register strongly and enhance the experience recursively. Human emotions… Continue reading Repair Vs Change