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Obedience, Power and Leadership : The unholy Trinity

History has not been flattering to those who were eventually caught in a cross-fire of ethical judgement of others. Unfortunately, in most cases this ethical judgement came far too late, and thus mostly led to a cautionary narrative alone. Such is the story of obedience at workplace. Obedience is a form of social influence where… Continue reading Obedience, Power and Leadership : The unholy Trinity

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Turn off the cameras

Be so good that they cannot ignore you Steve Martin, the famous hollywood comedian, said these words about ambition in performing arts. Performing arts is a heavily performance-driven occupation that thrives on reinvention, quick transitions, low recovery time and consistent development - much like sports. These occupations are often met with highs and lows, where… Continue reading Turn off the cameras

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The Performance Binary

The desire to win does not necessarily make one narcissistic but it is the abject, stomach-churning fear of losing. The gap between the two traditional poles of performance sees a longstanding judgement towards the journey of action. A tug of war is a play of pure strength where you are physically pitted against the other… Continue reading The Performance Binary

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Extraordinary in Ordinary

Manny Pacquiao beats Thurman to become the oldest welterweight world champion - at 40. I woke up to seeing this in the BBC news feed, and loved it! I have (at one time) followed Manny religiously and have been blown away by his sheer simplicity and competitiveness - a relatively uncommon combination but definitely a… Continue reading Extraordinary in Ordinary