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Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly! (Buckminster Fuller) Since time began there have been major crises. Pandemics, flooding, famine, terrorist attacks – we cannot be certain when they will happen, only that they will.  During a crisis, cognitive overload looms; information is incomplete, interests and priorities… Continue reading Psychology Behind Effective Crisis Leadership

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Part 1 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to develop a Signature Presence

Adulting is a process of constructive development of self. This is beyond buying furniture, having a health insurance or quitting smoking (that was stupid to start with!). Adulting is learning how to mature socially and engage with the world in a way that promotes positive development, and helps you achieve your true purpose. Introduction of… Continue reading Part 1 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to develop a Signature Presence

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Repair Vs Change

People respond differently to crisis, especially if it affects what they believe in or hold dear. These beliefs and 'realities' are at times seen as life-constant which when challenged may lead people to respond with extreme emotion. While the crisis may be episodic, deeply felt emotions register strongly and enhance the experience recursively. Human emotions… Continue reading Repair Vs Change