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Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

Life is impossible without emotions. We make decisions based on whether we are happy, sad, angry, anxious, or frustrated. We choose activities based on the emotions that they incite. Therefore, understanding emotions is one of the most essential elements of a high-performing adult. What are Emotions? Emotion is one type of effect. It can be… Continue reading Part 3 : How to be an Adult? : Emotional Thinking!

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Part 1 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to develop a Signature Presence

Adulting is a process of constructive development of self. This is beyond buying furniture, having a health insurance or quitting smoking (that was stupid to start with!). Adulting is learning how to mature socially and engage with the world in a way that promotes positive development, and helps you achieve your true purpose. Introduction of… Continue reading Part 1 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to develop a Signature Presence

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Turn off the cameras

Be so good that they cannot ignore you Steve Martin, the famous hollywood comedian, said these words about ambition in performing arts. Performing arts is a heavily performance-driven occupation that thrives on reinvention, quick transitions, low recovery time and consistent development - much like sports. These occupations are often met with highs and lows, where… Continue reading Turn off the cameras

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The Performance Binary

The desire to win does not necessarily make one narcissistic but it is the abject, stomach-churning fear of losing. The gap between the two traditional poles of performance sees a longstanding judgement towards the journey of action. A tug of war is a play of pure strength where you are physically pitted against the other… Continue reading The Performance Binary